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Who Are We? What do we do? 

We build and renovate small to large scale construction projects and we do it with passion and precision!

Kubbie Contruction has over 30 years of extensive experience in residential and commercial new build. We provide remodelling construction around North America and the Caribbean. We take pride in our attention to detail and high level of customer service.


Our greatest assets are the level of craftsmanship, dedication and experience our team brings to each project. We keep an earth conscious view and work hard to maintain an ecofriendly style of living.


 We partner with Xanita America (a global manufacturing firm of 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable materials).

Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide superior quality service through innovation, foresight and integrity within the residential and commercial construction industry.

Sephton Spence | Principal

With 30 years of distinguished performance in construction and remodelling coupled with a background in architecture, design and construction, Sephton brings a unique perspective to each job. His skillset allows for seamless interaction between Kubbie and the architecture, design and engineering team, ensuring an on-time and on budget project.


Sephton Spence has spent most of his adult life in the Construction Industry. Whether it’s remodeling churches on the hit show, “Devine Restorations” or helping to build much needed daycare centres with the Province of Ontario, Spence never forgets what matters – It’s about helping others.


His diverse formal academic training in Construction & Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Youth Counseling & Ministry; all have played key roles in his career and paths on life. Spence is also an industry expert on topics of sustainable building and remodeling, energy efficiency and green living.


Kubbie Construction quickly became a widely known and well-respected company in North America and the Caribbean. Developing everything from office buildings to custom homes as well as restaurants to shopping plazas; the multiple award winning Kubbie Construction Inc. has made a remarkable footprint in the country and around the world.


His work ethic, his humble nature and his compassion set him apart from other contractors. His warmth and integrity shine through changing everyone around him.

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